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this life is shining more forever in the sun

Wore this neon greenish-mustardy top with aligning cut out sleeves with my favorite combination of trashy denim shorts with pockets hanging out, tights (black opaques equal my trying to classy these destroyed shorts up), rag and bone boots, and wooly headpiece yesterday to the different activities we encountered along the way. I guess this bag has quickly become a loyal companion since it is the only sturdy bag I currently own that can lug my school books and other 'essentials' around everywhere. Day was spent consuming the best granola with banana and chocolate shavings at our new favorite breakfast/brunch place in LA, Canele, sifting through leather, slouchy knits, fringe, and yet another probably useless/potentially indispensable wool placemat/small rug at the Melrose Trading Post. I keep going back for the lace and crochet dresses that this lady makes but never end up getting (my favorite one sold, regretful non-purchase). My boyfriend even got told a few times that most people didn't like you snapping photo's of their inventory but in my mind it seems it must be good advertisement as to whatever the product may be, right? Crediting this stuff for good measure. We ended up down in Venice skating, eating cuban food, and climbing on giant sound mounds. A striking sunset that I got a little carried away with and kept sticking my camera out the top of my jeep obnoxiously for topped it all off. Always nice when you end up in the right place at the right time spontaneously. 


it's christmas time in the city

Mini photo journal from the week over Thanksgiving. Enjoyed running recklessly down the apartment stairs with Cole in order to try to beat each other to the car, one of the few sightings of autumn leaves I've seen here yet, fire-y sunsets complete with beautifully distorted tree's as a photographic result, snowflakes on lamp posts, my amber knit beanie, sundown at The Grove, and the gorgeous Christmas tree they have up right now. That whole place is sort of a fairy land at this time of year and I kind of love just going to Barnes and Noble there to read all day and people watch out the window. Totally in a non-creepy way.


humanoid ss12



Just discovered this collection from Humanoid which I'm super late on but still am head over heels for regardless. The timelessness of the clothes are what sets them apart, from the color palette to the subtle details to the cuts. Really attracted to the way that the milky-mud colored boots bunch at the top with an appropriate little belt holding it all together. Thinking leather-y sandals and boots, sweaters with unexpected little zippers/fabrics, head wraps, camisoles that cling to your body, comfy pants/shorts made to look like you are strolling down to the ocean, and the back of that girl's lovely hair in the third photograph. Mmm mm. 



Floral top, Plato's Closet. Black pants, Guess. Bracelet, homemade.

Whenever I take the time to appreciate the simplicity in things, I feel much more rewarded in mostly all area's of my personal life. Often times, the little details go unnoticed, and these are most always, in my case, the tidbits that affect me most prominently. Today I'm wearing my favorite floral top, with these little clusters of dark navy, blue, and light blue flowers all swirled in together. There was something really refreshing about finally finding a button down that had a light breeze about it, still with character. One of my guy friends made me this awesome raggedy bracelet and it's seldom I take it off (despite it dripping wet every time I get out of a shower). The simple details (clean colors, frayed bits on my bracelet, notes on my wrist, a cucumber sandwich, and radiant sunlight) about this outfit/day have made me smile loads today.
It may be a little far from the new year yet (there are approximately six weeks left!) for people to start dreaming about their new goals and future life in the upcoming year, but for me, I've already started to take a sort of new approach to 2013. I'm giving my body and mind a rest for the next six weeks, indulging in good food, natural remedies for my body, lots of yoga, reading, and taking time to reflect where I am right now. It's also quite convenient that Thanksgiving is right around the corner so that I can really think about what I'm grateful for and what I have in life right now. Especially in the blogging world/fashion world, it's easy to get caught up in wanting more all the time when most of us probably have enough now; we just let our natural instinct for consuming take over and actually consume us in a way that isn't exactly healthy. More on this later. I'm getting inspired now by so many good things I have in life currently and am making that stuff work for me in a new light. 

Add on:
I decided to add braids to my messy dreaded-looking ponytail before I went to school today and had the most simple, delicious breakfast/lunch that seriously gives you the best energy boost. Cook a heaping handful of baby spinach and arugula in some olive oil in a pan until it's all wilted. Then drain as much olive oil out as you can and put the greens into a bowl. Top with a couple teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, a bit of salt, and several cashews. It's the best.


i miss you, miss you

Here are a few photo's of me lounging from my home in Tennessee, which I'm currently missing an insane amount. If it weren't for plentiful sunshine, a myriad of interesting/potentially nerve-racking things to do, and the best mexican restaurant ever, I don't know how I would be managing. The light seems so different here, in a healthier, livelier sort of way, but back home it is more crisp (probably a lot cleaner, too). My favorite was to go down on our back patio and write, sun bathe, read, and scribble lists while my mother proceeded to make me different mixtures of fruit drinks/tea and bring it down to me like the angel she is. I miss having a backyard, a camper in my driveway, and big beautiful old tree's for privacy. 

How did I forget that leg warmers were so perfect. Need some now for running about the apartment making homemade cookies, yoga, and for smoothly transitioning the tops of my boots to my tights/shorts/whatever I may be wearing. I borrowed this button down from mama's boyfriend for a long time due to how crisp it is while still holding a good dose of baggy. Though this isn't really an outfit, it's kind of ideal for laying around reading books in the sun on cool pavement.


maison martin margiela x h&m

1. Fashionista, 2. SFGate, 3. Hypebeast

So the Maison Martin Margiela x H&M collection came out conveniently on my boyfriend's birthday, keeping me away from being there when the doors opened that day and then snatching up anything with quirky geometric cuts, plastic, shiny, or leather-y. The use of textures is spot on in this collection and I'm no less stunned by these pieces than I am by the houses other work. Maison Martin Margiela has actually been a huge influence in my being able to appreciate details more and in having the courage to play around with shapes and textures. Eyeballing the floaty red asymmetrical dress, boots with a clear plastic heel, the wooly looking long coat for my inner queen of narnia, and the strappy leather jacket made of what looks like buckles of a number of really well mixed colors for my boyfriend. Yes please. 


stay gold

Vest, Goodwill. Tee, Gap.

My fascination with vests has gotten kind of intense lately. Scary. I found this beaded mosiac-looking beauty that gave me a cool western/tribal vibe at Goodwill. It will be a favorite to wear in the summer with shorts and boots and something sheer/short underneath. The way that the only color patches on the vest besides a gold/yellow mix consist of peacocks feathers and such in purple, blue and black make it just quirky enough so that I'm obnoxiously attracted to it. 

I found out today that Melo loves fresh laundry almost as much as he loves ice/socks/wood as I watched him snuggle up to a downy-drenched towel and snooze. Melo hasn't been my only pet though lately. It seems the neighborhood squirrel now relies on us for almonds or other food objects like apples. Made the mistake of spotting him one day and then laying some nuts out for him on the porch. He even eats them out of my hand now and mean mugs me when I don't have anything for him.

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